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Thursday, 1 March 2012

a letter from me to all

Assalamualaikum !

I will miss every single thing that have been done all this while.
Bukan setakat itu, my school, my teachers, my fellow friends, all the sweet and bitter memories studying for 3 years in SMK Jelai (F). From there, I had learnt a lot of things which were maturing me.
Thanks for everything. Grateful for knowing all of you.

Tak pernah expect akan move seawal ni. Sorry to those people yang tak sempat jumpa petang tadi.

I am racing against time actually. Because preparation is totally 0%. Tak gerak 1 pun lagi.
Oh ya, I went to visit my future school to-be today. Sightseeing around the school compound. Cuba sesuaikan diri dengan tempat baru. Credit to my sister for her willingness in snapping my catchy picture. Eeuww~~

wah, takda binocular guna tangan pun jadi. ada bakat tak jadi detektif ni? Replace conan.
siasat jangan tak siasat

Silau !

Ke hulu, ke hilir

Insects lover ! Orang geli, tapi I love it. I don't care what's your perceptions. 
I love for being me :p

Fa, don't cry. You will always be in my heart. Your tears is hurting me. Kita reunion nanti okay..
Nanti bila cuti, aku boleh ajar kau lagi. You are welcomed to come to my house anytime.

My mother dah warning, sampai sana jangan ganas-ganas. If dapat aduan, SIAP
*Ya Allah, macamlah anak mak ni gangster sangat dekat sekolah. 
Lagi 1, kurangkan hobi tidur tu. Qiamullail !
*Hew, yang ni esok I tak buat. Lusa and tulat, insyaAllah. 
Stay sana, kenalah BERDIKARI. Semua kena buat on my own. But never mind. 
Who said Teha spoiled child? No, I'm not ! I will prove it.

Okay girls and guys, take a good care of yourselves. Maybe akan jarang update blog. See you in the next holiday.
All of you will tightly save in my mind. Never in my sight, but always in my heart.


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