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Sunday, 28 April 2013


In the event of people can be fair, certainly none of us, offended, feeling isolated and marginalized.


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Being a student....

Maybe today is the last entry....
Wait, don't make any assumption until you read until the end.
I mean, last entry for this month.

As you know, I'm staying at the hostel and of course I can't update my blog regularly.
Struggling for my mid-year examination which will be held on 30th April according to my teacher.
Quite nervous as butterflies in my stomach because we will be streamed again! Haih, pretty miserable.

Some of my friends said, it has something to do with we born in the year of mouse so that  the government seizes the chance to set an experiment on us.. 1996 Batch
(fairly plausible) oPpss..

Is it relevant? Fine, acceptable.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

adore you

Dear brother,

Mark this words, we will always be with you and be your companion through thick and thin. No worries.
You can count on us. Life has to move on, no matter what. Just assume this as a parcel of life.
To me, what you've done is terrific. Nobody would dare to do such thing. You're my man. :)

we are well pleased

I know that You could easily take away everything You've given us.
And I try to remember not to take anything for granted.
Because I know that one day
Suddenly this will all come to an end.
My last wish is for You to be pleased with me.

I would not be questioned for everything that was written for me.
As I believe, every cloud has a silver lining.
At first. I might be very shocked after hearing the actual fact.
My head was spinning and I felt my lip was zipped. Speechless.
There's no other thing that I could think about, unless them.
I know they are totally hurt.
I crave to be someone who can comfort them with my words.

Zero.. All I could do is, keep silent.
I know Allah is testing us. He's asking us to come close to him.
So, please guide us all the way till jannah.

everything happens for a reason