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Friday, 31 May 2013


 What is exactly meant by qana'ah?
QANA'AH is briefly described as accepting whatever come to one or is given to him.

As a student who stays in hostel, I often hear this conversation, mostly when it's the time for us to take our meal. I take one common example :-

"Makan apa dekat DM ( dewan makan ) ?" 
"Ikan dengan sayur and so on", one answered.
"Ala, tak naklah makan kalau ikan."

See, that's the phenomena. I admit, I also feel the same way occasionally but I try to avoid myself from being too demanding. I will just eat any kind of food that had been served for us as long as the food is not overly salty.

In conjunction of this topic, I thought of my ex-dorm mate, Kak Aida. She will finish her eating without anything left on her tray except for fish and chicken bones. She's the one who inspired me for not being too choosy. Just accept what Allah had given to us. All that is sustenance from HIM.

p/s : Compare your life with people in Kemboja, Gaza, Palestin and etc. We are far more fortunate than them. As a closure, please be thankful and grateful to Allah.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


When the will is not in line with the requirements of the heart, begins a prolonged grumbling.
There's a matter will set fire to dissatisfaction.
Huh, why should we have to deal with such an absurd upshot?

Monday, 6 May 2013

What Day Is Today?

Ada apa dengan 6 Mei 2013? 


I am 17-year-old girl. Tentunya banyak lagi perkara yang menanti di hadapan. 
Look forward, don't ever turn back. So far, what is your contribution to yourself, family, religion, race and country, Fatihah? Nothing at all ! 
Then, what will you do and what is your effort to devote something for the sake of all?

I don't have the guts to brag until I really make it come true and hold it tight in my hand. So please, have patience on me. :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Stay or out?

I wish I could make the right decision.
With the supports from the beloved ones.
Guide me all the way, Allah.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Yesterday, when we're on my our way home, drop by at Tampin as usual. It has been like satu kemestian untuk singgah sana setiap kali balik rumah.

My mom and sister have to escort me at all time as they are my companions. Our main agenda, searching for the cake ! We had to go there on foot until my mom said, "Mey, your school shoe is going to tear."

Me : Oh really?

Mom : How could you don't even know about that? You're the one who wear it.

Me : I just put it on without care about all that as long as it is still can be used.

Mom : Don't want to buy the new one?

Me : Okay, let's go.
( rezeki jangan ditolak )

Just imagine, we completed tawaf around Tampin Square but cannot find one. Sixth size is not available.
I'm pretty sure, it is not such a difficult size to be found at anywhere.

But the most poor thing is, I also couldn't get Dr. Cardin sandal when I start asking the owner of the shop about the 6 size....
(Rasa macam nak suruh orang tu tutup kedai je.. hee~~)

I keep mumbling to myself and mom, "It would be nice if I get the shoe........."
I only want that kind of design, not any other else. As for me, quality should be our first choice instead of the cost. Orang kata, alah membeli, menang memakai.

Common advice from my mom,
"Bukan rezeki kamu".

p/s : Then, I realize bukan semua yang menjadi keinginan kita akan tertunai. Boleh jadi, apa yang kita inginkan itu bukan yang terbaik untuk kita. Allah juga memberi apa yang kita perlukan, bukan apa yang kita mahukan. Jadi, belajarlah untuk terima kenyataan.

Sample only. This is not the type which is I'm looking for.

I'll keep on searching for the same shoe at some other time and place. Hopefully, it will worth.