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Sunday, 31 July 2011


Hey, see you all again in here. It has been quite a long time I'm not writing anything in here right? But now, I'm going to share a short story or experience actually with all of you. I  don't care whether you want to know it or not but I'm still want to share. My blog right? So, it is all up to m.

29-31 July, all the Form 1 until form 3 students of class UIAM have attended one program called Kem Bahasa Al-Qur'an or Arabic Language Class. Something like that. My school invited a professional teacher of Bahasa Arab from Maahad Ahmadi, Gemencheh and 8 students from there as his assistants. Let see what we have went through for 3 days 2 nights with them. Here we go !!

My new idol, Ustaz Zulkarnain. We preferred call him "AYAHANDA". Sweet right? :) He's an amazing teacher. I managed to catch up almost all the knowledge that have been given by him.

All the students were busy doing the exercises that the teacher gave. We have to translate all the Malay sentences into Arabic helped by the facilitators. Believe or not, we succeed to completed an exercise book in only 3 days learning with such a good teacher.

One of the facilitator, his name is Shafiq. I think so. He's always criticizing my hard works. I always protest and debating with him about that. Sorry for doing that. 
I admit that I am a stubborn girl :)

Today, after Subuh prayer we sang all the songs in the hand out given during the registration on the first day.

Woah, new facilitator there. Dream on !! That's me and my junior, Form 1 students. I'm just helping to explain and make them understand what we have been taught. I enjoyed myself doing that. I'm happy seeing them managed to understand my explanation. ^_*

The facilitators present a song for us before they end their session today. For your information, all of them are form 4 students. Matured right? Even they are only a year old than me but I felt very small there.

Everyone felt sad during this moment. My little sisters crying and can't hide their sadness. I'm felt sorry for them and try to calm them. InsyaAllah, we can meet them again one day.

Miracle words that Ayahanda wrote in my book. I will always remember that and put it in my heart. Jazakallahu khairan kasiro ya ayahanda ! :)

So, the conclusion that I can conclude in here is this program is very effective for us. We all here will never forget your good deeds. Enough for today. But before that,

Saturday, 23 July 2011

I've To Delay My Wish For The Second Time

Come here and calm yourself with me,

Today, I thought that I could go to someplace that I have ever dreamt before this. But unluckily, something bad had happened. My mother had made a drastic decision to come home early due to the problem. So, whether I wanted or not, I have to follow her instruction. I was feeling blue to hear that.

I don't feel like doing my homework during that time. I was stuck in the middle. I really wanted to go to that place but at the same time I've to obey my mother's order.

With the disappointed mood, I packed all my belongings as soon as possible. Since my mother also not in a good mood and without any hesitated, I just followed her without any objection. I'm afraid that I will hurt my mother's feeling so the best thing that I should do is KEEP SILENT as silence is golden.

Skipping my tuition classes? Yeah, I admit that. All this happened beyond my expectation actually. It's okay, I will write a letter and hand it to the teacher in charge. 

I choose to go there because of 2 reasons. But, let it just be my secret. Trying to find the ways to solve all the problems that occur in my life with a peaceful mind.

But never mind, maybe there is something good behind all this. Allah knows what's the best for us.

p/s:- Could our life be as calm as the lake? The answer is = Ask Yourself. I couldn't answer it for you.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Majlis Ihtifal + Kuiz Bahasa Arab

I'm here again to share my experience with all my loyal readers in here. Today, I participated in  1 competition dekat SMKA SHAMS. Kuiz Bahasa Arab. Tak buat preparation 1 pun. Sabar jelahh. Ustaz pesan, pukul 6.30 pagi mesti dah gerak. But unluckily, I failed to fulfil it.

On the way ke sane,raining cats and dogs. Hampir tak nampak jalan. Arrive there around 8.15 o'clock and terus kena daftar. Sarapan pagi? Nope. Don't have appetite because nervous sangat ni. ^_- . Ramai betul pelajar sekolah yang mendaftar. Yuk kita tengok bingkisan yang telah disediakan. Ceewahhh

Tempat pendaftarannya, Dewan Ibnu Kathir .From this pictures, I can conclude that there are many competitors from other school. An-nisa' bertudung labuh dan ar-rijal persis seperti ustaz, lengkap berbaju melayu + samping.

The two girl are too busy remembering the facts. Cantik kan sudut NILAM sekolah ni? Hampir semua tempat ade kalimah Bahasa Arab. The school is big too but my school is more bigger. Nak cari tempat yang sepatutnya kena pergi, punyelah payah. Siap rujuk peta sekolah. Sampai salah masuk blok. Nasib baik ade makcik sorang tu yang kind-hearted tolong tunjukkan jalan.

Hah, here we go. 1 kelas ade 9 buah sekolah yang berlainan. Actually, ada 36 buah sekolah yang menyertai competition ni. Banyak tu. So, lepas jawab soalan pusingan pertama, 18 buah sekolah terpilih untuk ke pringkat seterusnye. We manage to go for the next level but, unluckily not succeed to proceed to the last level. Only 3 school manage to go for it. At least, we lose with full dignity ya.,

I want to grab the opportunity seeing the last round of the quiz.

Soalan pusingan akhir, quite easy but they could not answer correctly. Rugi oo ..  :) Rasa macam nak tolong jawabkan. At last, SMK Mantin won. Followed by SMRA Rembau and the third place is SMK Seri Pagi.

Sesi menjelajah. Scenery from upstairs. Teringin nak tengok kolam ikan sebenarnya. 

Ehem... frust ler tu

Jalan-jalan, jumpa 1 kelas ni. Cantik ! Habis semua kami selongkar and selidik. Hampir 1 sekolah kami tawaf . But tak lama. Masuk waktu zohor, solat dekat surau and after that jumpa sahabat lama. Exchanges stories.

Tengah syok dok story-mory dengan Hana, ustaz ajak balik. Reluctant. Hehe .( main-main aje )
Keluar pagar sekolah tu, nampak sekolah TKC. Wow, terkejut. Almaklumlah, tak pernah pergi sana. So, tak tau lah. Teringat dekat Kakak. Miss her so much.

Never mind. Ada rezeki, jumpa. InsyaAllah wa biiznillah. So, that's all for today. If Allah willing, we will meet again