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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

mengemis kasih

I used to read sepotong ayat, "jangan sibuk memikirkan siapa yang bakal menjadi our soulmate, tapi fikir siapa kita di sisi Allah". Cukup menarik perhatian Teha untuk mendalami maksudnya.
I keep thinking, adakah sudah cukup amalanku all this while? Am I eligible for His heaven? Absolutely NOT.
Untuk itu, berubah ke arah lebih baik dari sehari ke sehari. Hati makin terikat dengan al-quran dan tentunya terasa seperti sangat hampir dengan Allah S.W.T .

Bertepatan dengan background song blog Teha.
Allah tak akan sesekali leave us alone.
Bila kita jatuh, Allah tak pernah berpaling daripada kita.
Instead, kita yang seringkali lupa pada-Nya.

Terngiang-ngiang zikir yang kami alunkan every Sunday's night.

"cintakan bunga, akan layu,
 cintakan manusia, akan mati,
 cintakan Allah, kekal abadi,
 itulah yang terbaik."

Made me realize His glory.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


afraid !
one word is enough to describe my feeling right now.
nothing to be proud of when I turn around me.
everything that I have is a loan purely,
realize before it is too late.

guide me to stay close with YOU,
don't let me go astray,
can't stand to lose somebody that I really care of,
let me be a little bit longer with them though they will certainly leave me someday

ignore all the derision that hurting,
they cannot be trusted and relied on,
let them be,
I must step forward.

She makes my life perfect. See, how sweet of us.
tettttt, my father also. 
AMPLE. They are my source of strength.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

06 MAY 2012

I'm already 16.
Of course there will be more adventurous matters to face after this. Semakin meningkatnya umur, semakin banyak challenges appear.
So, it's our responsibility to overcome them in the best way.

My parents fulfill their promise to come on the privileged day. My roommates and my friends said,
I woke up radiantly on that historic day. OF COURSE ! Smiled warmly. :D

the cake is as adorable as its owner. wah, wah, wah

a feed from my mother

bedah and joyah ni mengalahkan BIRTHDAY GIRL. haiya

mother's daughter

father's daughter
MY HERO since I was born, now and always be the one.

My father's sang for me. Siapa sangka... :)

receiving gifts earlier than the real date. ^_-

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MAY comes with thousands meaning

what a wonderful month . . .

Woah, excited makcik sorang ni.
Tak payah balik hostel boleh? Wait until Sunday.
I'm gonna be 16. blink, blink, blink ^_-
Berharap imanku bertambah seiring dengan usiaku.

Eager writing this post just because I'll be at my hostel on that day.

Never mind, my parents will come and visit me then.
Come and join us there. Semua diundang. Amboi, siap special invitation lagi !
Got to go.
Jumpa lagi.