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Friday, 20 January 2012


Congrates, congrates !
Extremely jealous. Tak pernah se'jealous' ni.
Eh, eh. Let me fix the sentences, bukan jealous yang melibatkan boys and whatsoever.
Untunglah kan kamu, kamu semua.
Be grateful. Jangan banyak songeh.

I want it too.
*laughing outside but I am dying inside* Gimmick again.
I've given my best to achieve that. Dear Allah, I'm not going to blame the destiny.
But please be good to me. I believe in You, The Best Planner.

Trying for the second time and I wish the result will be as what as expected.
Luckily that boy @ my cousin, got an offer from the school of all boys, SASER.
Hooray ! Party time ! No need to agree with his mother's suggestion.
I am FREE ! Yahoo ^_-

Demonstration end ! Dismiss.


SMG said...

tumpang sedig & simpati... but i'll pray for your wish to come true...

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