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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Okay, today we are going to familiarize ourselves with one of the animals in this world. Woah, I'm acting like a teacher teaching her students. No, no. Not like that.

Yesterday, I watched National Geographic at TV1 and it showed me this. When I first read the subtitle, it reminded me of someone. Someone who was the earliest person introduced mongoose to me. In my mind, "Oh, this is the mongoose he had been talking about".

Do you know what is mongoose? How it looks like? I believe most of us know nothing about what's mongoose actually. Or I'm the only one who never know about it? Hmm, such a pity. Mongoose in Malay is cerpelai. It sounds quaint isn't it? And here it is,

Truthfully, yesterday is my first time looking at the mongoose. FYI, I don't prefer hairy animals. But, it doesn't means that I hate them. They're Allah creatures too. Cats for example. I can feed them. But to pamper or caress them gently, I just can't. Looking from afar is enough.  I have my own reason.

P/s : To the people concerned, don't fret. I'll never ask for a silly demand. No need to trouble yourself. InshaAllah.


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