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Sunday, 23 June 2013

we're siblings

Betul kata pepatah Melayu, air yang dicincang tak akan putus. Relationship between flesh and blood can hardly be separated. After all the difficulties we had been through, we were united eventually. Thank you Ya Rabb. I hope this special relationship will remain unchanged until the end.

Abang-abang kita. See how tough they are.. haha
Who wanna bully me? Confront them first.
Eh, bukan 2 ni je yang ada.. Ada 5 lagi. :')

Baby Zara with her aunty. Curious, Zara ni tak mau dengan orang lain termasuk acik Mey. Tapi dengan Kak Rina and Abang Zafe nak pula. 
Pilih kasih ! haha

Baby Zara with her uncle.. Yippie !

My dear, Kak Rina :D

Senyum sokmo ! 
Venue : McD, KLIA

Say cheese ! 

Tertanya-tanya where is me? Jawapannya, I was at home yesterday. I just need some rest. The journey from school was a little bit tiring. So sorry. Boleh jumpa lain masa dan hari

P/s :- Preparing for the next reunion for us to assemble completely. ببركة الله


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