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Friday, 31 May 2013


 What is exactly meant by qana'ah?
QANA'AH is briefly described as accepting whatever come to one or is given to him.

As a student who stays in hostel, I often hear this conversation, mostly when it's the time for us to take our meal. I take one common example :-

"Makan apa dekat DM ( dewan makan ) ?" 
"Ikan dengan sayur and so on", one answered.
"Ala, tak naklah makan kalau ikan."

See, that's the phenomena. I admit, I also feel the same way occasionally but I try to avoid myself from being too demanding. I will just eat any kind of food that had been served for us as long as the food is not overly salty.

In conjunction of this topic, I thought of my ex-dorm mate, Kak Aida. She will finish her eating without anything left on her tray except for fish and chicken bones. She's the one who inspired me for not being too choosy. Just accept what Allah had given to us. All that is sustenance from HIM.

p/s : Compare your life with people in Kemboja, Gaza, Palestin and etc. We are far more fortunate than them. As a closure, please be thankful and grateful to Allah.


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