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Thursday, 28 March 2013

I choose you !

Eh, eh.. do not get me wrong.
Let me explain first.
Take a deep breath, then.... fuhhhh !!!!!!! One more time.. louder.
It seems like we're undergoing physical exercise in the middle of the field.
Click "skip"

All of a sudden, my unstoppable fingers keep on urging me to have this out.
At the end of Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah class last Friday, before recess Ustaz Aimi said,
"world nowadays, if I given a choice in choosing between an outspoken and a soft spoken people, I rather choose the outspoken type of people."

I listened to him attentively.
He added, "this is because soft spoken person love to hide their anger and temper in check. They also lie to themselves by pretending like they are always be okay but at the same time their heart was filled with resentment."
( more or less )

Contrast to an outspoken people. Yeah, I admit people who are in this group usually speak without thinking of other's feeling. Back to their natural characteristic, too forthright. At least, they are trying to tell the truth.
Instead of bad-mouthing others behind their's back. One will suffer a long-lasting cuts as soon as they know the real statement. It is more dangerous. Killer.... maybe.

In a nutshell, which one would you prefer? Think about it wisely.

p/s : Oh ya, I'm pretty outspoken.
( Serious ! It's up to you to judge. )
If you find out yourself simply touchy,
please stay away from me.
Otherwise, you will get hurt.
*Extra information*


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