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Monday, 25 March 2013


It would be easier if we could maintain our ukhuwah like this ila abdin.
Our friendship cracked?
What cause all this?
Maybe I'm the one who at fault. (Probably)
I was kidding or teasing too far as I didn't notice one heart had been hurt.
If only you know me very well and could read my mind, you will find out that I just don't want to create an awkward situation among us. Surrounded with silence. Acting like a weirdo... Oh, I just can't imagine.

As far as I thought, I never expected thing would get worse which is involving the others too. Prolonged day by day. Remain unchanged. Point fingers, blame each other, stick to our own ego... If this continue, just wrap this contentious in a wasp nest and chew on it. There will be no resolution till the end.
Hey, come on ! We're not a child anymore. Even a child could consider this matter wisely.

Don't ever mention about the limit of patience if you're not fully savvy what's the real meaning of patience is. I'm sick hearing all that.
Ironically, in a certain period.. we, ourselves need time for self-reflection to patch things up.
I'm really sorry as for my mistakes either directly or indirectly. Let's fix our friendship.

Excerption from my own short story :-
"We Want to Get  Back Together Again"

p/s : Looking forward for a great result after the holidays soon.


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