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Monday, 26 November 2012

wedding reception

Salam alaik,

Recently, my family and I went off to Paroi, Seremban to attend a wedding ceremony one of my cousins.
There's nothing much to talk about as I'm lacking of idea to continue my typing.

No catchy pictures available as usual since I've been a little bit lazy to upload them in here.
Aha, I got only one of them. I think this is ample to make it real.

Meet my cousins, Fara Dina and Farizah. They are among of my cousins whose I prefer to get close with.
And for your information, the bride was their sister.
The most buzzing part was that we were dressed up all in purple. 

p/s:- I'm so glad to see the bride covered up herself completely. Make up pun tak adalah tebal mana untuk tatapan para ajnabi yang hadir. To kak yana and your soulmate :-
--> Have fun with your new life. May Allah bless your marriage with the pretty cute children one day plus with keluarga yang sakinah, mawaddah dan rahmah.


SMG said...

ooo... ini fara dina

Nur Fatihah Mohd Kamal said...

yup.. here she is.
Can you recognize her if you bump into her at your campus?

SMG said...

which one is her?

Nur Fatihah Mohd Kamal said...

the one who wear flowery scarf.
from left.
yg buat action zero dkt mata tu farizah

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