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Saturday, 3 November 2012

the most precious gifts

Meet my parents. En. Mohd Kamal and 
Puan Latifah.
And this is for both of you.

I was a foolish little child
Crazy things I used to do
And all the pain I put you through

Now I’m here for you
For all the times I made you cry
The days I told you lies
Now it’s time for you to rise
For all the things you sacrificed

If I could turn back time rewind
If I could make it undone I swear that I would
I would make it up to you

I’m all grown up now
It's a brand new day
And it's not too late
I’d like to put a smile on your face everyday

Even though I was so bad
I’ve learnt so much from you
There is no one in this world
That can take your place
I’m sorry for ever taken you for granted
I will use every chance I get 
To make you smile
Whenever I’m around you
Now I will to try to love you
Like you love me
Only God knows how much you mean to me


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