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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hati oh Hati

Hey readers,

My heart is not at peace nowadays.
Serious ! I don't know why. Don't get it wrong guys. It's not because I've been interested on someone. DEFINITELY NOT !
Hurm, in no matter what kena juga berbalik kepada Allah SWT. Mungkin Allah sengaja membolak- balikkan feeling yang sudah tersedia terbalik just to make me closer to Him. Who knows right?

Terribly anxious ! I keep thinking and continue thinking. Maybe by this way everything will be resolved. But, all that are in vain. Curious becoming thicker. Blur ~~

Haish Teha, wake up and be rational ! Do not think like someone with no faith. Don't worry, Allah is always be there to listen to your complaints.

Atau mungkin berkait rapat dengan result PMR yang bakal keluar kot. Huh, itu cliche ! Yulks ! Since my mother started to ask about that today, my brain automatically ligat memikirkan all kinds of possibilities. Bagai terkena renjatan elektrik.

Taknak kusut-kusut lagi. Tawakal. I just leave it to The All Mighty and hoping a piece of tranquility from Him. Allahuakbar !


SMG said...

Teha, don't be worried about things that is not in our hands to handle it. When it comes only we can know how to face it. Life is not a game that we can possibly predict.

Things that happen along our life make us feel alive! It's amazing!

So, if you worried of your coming PMR result, just relax, take a deep breath... and don't put too much pressure to yourself.

May Allah give you strength and granted your wishes... especially your PMR result! Insya'Allah

Nur Fatihah Mohd Kamal said...

I think I am not only worried about the coming result but there seems to be other reasons.
And until now, i can't figure out what's the real problem.

Learning is not a destination but it's a journey. I got it.

Jazakallahu khairan kasira ya akhi :)

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