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Sunday, 15 September 2013

1996's Trip

Since 1st trial dah pun berlalu, so let me tell you a tragic story. Tragic la sangat. Penuh dengan tragedy sebenarnya. Hah, takut kan?

23-29 August 2013 :-
Semua Form 5 yang wujud diangkut ke
Port Dickson secara berjemaah.
Wow, seriously janggal bunyinya!
It was a camp actually. For critical subjects. Perlu list ke apa dia subjects killer tu? Rasanya semua tahu kot, cuma buat-buat amnesia. Oklah, atas permintaan ramai, I surrender..
As you wish.

We went there for a week. Correction for those who had misunderstood, kami bukan beriang ria cuti sekolah ya. Bab schedule jangan ceritalah, definitely packed macam sardin dalam tin. Class started at 6.30 a.m and ended around 12 midnight. Kalau bernasib baik, bolehlah rehat awal. 11.30 p.m.

Oh ya, tercicir 1 fakta. Bertembung dengan Form 5 SMKA SHAMS. Sengit, sengit. Luckily their programme until Sunday only. Fuhh, lega naa.. Anyway, nice to meet all of them.

Biasalah, setiap sesuatu tu kalau dinamakan makhluk or perancangan yang dibuat oleh makhluk, there must be a few inadequacies. Abaikan, coz I'm not going to discuss or reveal all those insignificant things.

Venue :- Mayang Sari Resort, Port Dickson
Quite strategic location. Sea view.
After check in bilik, memandangkan aktiviti bebas petang tu before class start pada malamnya, straight away menapak ke pantai with the camera in the hand.
And this is the results :-
Scroll down,,,

Sea shore, sea shore

The 1st person I met. I thought he was a Chinese man. But, tetttttt... I was wrong.
I called him Uncle, not Pakcik at first. Seemed fierce but friendly. He was searching for ???? I forgot the name. Tapi  pastinya something yang boleh dijadikan baits for fishing. Mesra alam kau Maria..

Okay, perkenalkan my youngest sister. Eh, sejak bila? She is Iranian.
Seeking permission from her mother for this. Peace ! Brave. 
Good improvement.
Jadi minah salih sekejap when talking to her mum as she didn't know how to speak Malay fluently.

Some activities there done by the crowd.

One by one to avoid slipping.

Breathtaking sceneries...

irreplaceable gifts.

P/s : No matter what had happened, bare in mind, everything happens for a reason. Invaluable thanks to all the teachers who had sacrificed a lot to the success of this programme.


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