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Sunday, 1 April 2012

i can survive

I can be strong,
I can be tough.

Haa, see you all. Tak pasal-pasal menggegarkan suasana. Siapa kata I know nothing bab English song? I do follow the current news lah juga kan daripada tak ada langsung.

Now I know macam mana perasaan boarding school students yang lama bercuti, then pulang ke asrama semula. Ya Rabbi, liat habis ! To me, yang memang suka berguling-guling on my bed ni lagilah. Tak mau lepaskan ! huish, gitu sekali !
Am I care? This is me. I love for being me.

I can't be like this. I've to be strong and tough enough to face all this.
I dreamed a dream. Remember that ! Pahat dalam hati sekukuh yang mungkin.
You're not supposed to be engrossed and feel that you're always be in a comfortable zone.
Wake up ! You need to compete with others otherwise you will be left behind.

I've to sacrifice something big to achieve something bigger. Itulah harga yang harus dibayar.
According to my chemistry teacher, Form 4 and Form 5 adalah tahun yang memeritkan. But, tersembunyi kemanisan di dalamnya. I wanna find the sweetness.
So, strengthen your heart in order to achieve the much-awaited success. Go dear ! Tak sampai 2 tahun pun lagi. Be patient girl.


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