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Friday, 13 December 2013

Final Days

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. It's looks like I had lost my writing skill and barely had no idea in drafting out whatever across my mind. Is it possible? Yeah, definitely ! Knowledge or gifted skills need to be practiced frequently. Otherwise, don't you dare to ask why your abilities or capabilities fade away days by days.

Anyway, I just ended my secondary school life. *cloud nine*

I have nothing untuk dijadikan kenang-kenangan. Only a few pictures collected by random free-paid photographers. Peace ! :)

Our cosy and comfy musolla. No more berteleku, tadarus, muroja'ah in this musolla like we always used to be unless we come to this school later on in the future.

Serikandi-serikandi 1996 SMKA Dato' Haji Abu Hassan Haji Sail.

Together with our sheikh, Al-Fadhil Ust. Farizan. :) Thank you for everything ust.

بالتوفيق والنجاح يا صديقاتي الحميمات في حياتكن


The one and only. Meet Ust Muaz.
Highly respect him. Tak pernah keluar perkataan, "Oh, jawapan ni salah. Instead, "Ust rasa macam ini lebih baik..........." or "Cuba Fatihah ubah sikit ayat ni, ust rasa lebih tepat."
Even he tried to say the answer was incorrect, he avoided himself daripada mengeluarkan perkataan "SALAH".
I truly adamant to figure out the reason, then I came out with my own conclusion. "Maybe ust taknak students give up daripada buat latihan and acknowledges our hard works."
However, it is on my perspective. I don't know the others'.

That's how we ended our school days. Simple yet fascinating.

p/s : Forever SMKAPians! InshaAllah.


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