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Sunday, 10 February 2013

quite illogical

Guess what, we had done something against the rules of hostel.
Outing without teacher's permission.
We didn't do it on purpose. Due to the certain reasons and the difficulties to convince the teacher that we really need to go out on that day.. we resolute !

We managed to sneak out until we successfully arrived at the mall. Yeay !

Only Allah knows, my heart was going to burst out if the warden could detect our wrongdoing.
I couldn't imagine what kind of punishment we could gain.
Probably suspended of the hostel or we're at our wit's end.

Nevertheless, we had our blast day. Savor our teenage life to its fullest. :)

p/s : Dear ustazah, we never meant to waive you. It would be easy if you could understand our situation. Me, on behalf of the others craving for your forgiveness.
Dear readers, don't ever practise this offence if you don't want to get into trouble. InsyaAllah, Allah will simplify everything.


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